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VF-1000 Vertical Furnace for Small Production and R&D

This small production type vertical furnace for experiments and research (R&D) achieves high-quality processing.
This furnace is compact and requires only a small installation area but is usable for a wide range of wafer diameters and exhibits the same temperature characteristics as those of mass-production furnaces.


  • High performance processing for R&D
  • Mini batch, max 25 wafers batch processing
  • 2- to 8-inch and 300-mm wafer size are available
  • Equipped with an LGO heater to realize the same high temperature performance as mass-production equipment
  • Equipped with limited-function simple control system


This vertical furnace for experiments, research (R&D) and small production can be used for a wide range of wafer sizes from 2- to 8-inch and up to 300-mm, and the size of mini batch can also be chosen from up to 25 wafers. Since the heater can be chosen from an LGO heater and various other heaters, process development is available with the same furnace opening structure and heater performance as those of mass-production furnaces. This furnace can be used for various silicon wafer treatments (LPCVD, oxidation and diffusion), silicon gate oxynitriding and activation annealing for power device (Si and SiC) development, and a wide range of other processes.


Outer dimension W1500×D1000×H2130 mm
Heater LGO heater
Flat zone length to 250 mm
Wafer size to 8 inch
Batch size to 25 wafers
Options Forced-cooling system
N2 load lock
50 to 150 wafers of processing
300mm wafer handling

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