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RLA-1200 Lamp Annealing System for Rapid Thermal Processing

This lamp annealing system for 4-inch to 8-inch wafers achieves high-quality processing even for use in R&D. Activation and oxidation are available in a vacuum (LP) environment and N2 load-lock atmosphere.


  • High performance process with R&D
  • Low-cost system by manual susceptor transfer
  • Upper & lower cross lamp structure and soaking furnace improve the uniformity of in-plane temperature
  • 4- to 8-inch wafer size is available
  • Equipped with an operator-friendly high performance control system
  • Vacuum designed quartz tube enables accurate gas substitution and process at vacuum pressure


This lamp annealing system for the R&D of 4-inch to 8-inch wafers saves processing cost thanks to high-speed heating at 200°C/sec and manual susceptor transfer. The structure using the upper and lower cross halogen lamps achieves superior in-plane temperature uniformity, making both low-cost and high-quality processing reality. Thanks to the quartz tube designed to include a vacuum resistant property, processing is available in a clean vacuum (LP) environment and N2 load lock atmosphere.


Outer dimension W1300×D1300×H1850 mm
Operation temperature 400 to 1200°C
Heat up rate Max. 200°C/sec
Lamp layout Upper & lower cross lamp arrays
Number of control zone 6
Wafer size 4 to 8 inch
Wafer transfer Manual
Options Vacuum system
Clean bench