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Ceramic Conveyor Type Continuous Furnace

This product uses a special ceramic chain with excellent heat and wear resistance as the transport conveyor, allowing it to be used for high-temperature treatments such as ferrite sintering, and MLCC firing and reoxidation.

Select from a low- and medium-temperature range ceramic conveyor with heat resistance up to 1200°C, or a high-temperature ceramic conveyor using mullite with excellent high-temperature strength and heat resistance up to 1400°C.

For the muffle as well, select muffleless configuration, ceramic muffle, or metal muffle.

The use of a ceramic semi-muffle can eliminate metal contaminants inside the furnace, allowing it to be used for a wide range of applications including high-temperature glazing of glass and other materials, and firing of capacitors, thermistors, and other electronic components.

When used in combination with a metal muffle, firing can be performed in an environment with less metal scale compared to a mesh belt furnace.


  • This product uses a ceramic chain with excellent heat and wear resistance.
  • A ceramic muffle improves the clean factor.
  • Capable of firing in an environment with little metal scale.


Max. operating temperature 1400°C (ceramic muffle) to 600°C (heat-resistant steel muffle)
Transport system Ceramic conveyor transport
Heating chamber Heat-resistant steel muffle or ceramic muffle
Supported effective widths Minimum 200 mm (For other widths, please contact us.)
Supported atmospheres Air, N2 (wet/dry)
Applications Ferrite sintering, MLCC firing and reoxidation, glass glazing, thermistor firing, ceramic sensor firing, inductor debinding and firing