Greetings from the President

JTEKT Thermo Systems celebrated its 50th anniversary in July 2017.
I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to all our clients and stakeholders for their assistance and support.

Grounded in our core portfolio of thermal process technologies, it has always been our mission to provide equipment and services beloved by users around the world. Our technologies and equipment are responsible for items ranging from metals to products such as semiconductors, electronic parts and flat panel displays (FPDs). They have been able to play a small but significant role in the technology development and mass production behind several of the world’s most advanced products.
This achievement gives me great satisfaction, and I feel greatly indebted to the clients and stakeholders who have helped make it possible.

Every day we continue moving forward under the basic policy of “Contributing to society as an essential company that puts customers first.” One of our initiatives within that policy is “Contributing to society from five different perspectives through industry-leading and unique products and services.” Those five perspectives—value creation, manufacturing, quality assurance, resource development, and profitability—are our means of bringing joy to our customers and to society as we strive to lead the industry through products and services not available anywhere else.

We are dedicated to becoming a facilitator of manufacturing and development activities driven by our core portfolio of thermal process technologies while establishing ourselves as a trusted, reliable partner of clients worldwide.
Thank you for your continued support.

Nobutaka Takeoka

Nobutaka Takeoka, President