JTEKT Thermo Systems Statistics

JTEKT Thermo Systems’ global expansion and sales performance.

About Our Global Sales

Data for the sales ratio and delivery results to other countries.

Equipment types Overseas sales amount ratio
[Average for the last 3 years (2018-2020)]
Production equipment 42%
Semiconductor equipment 59%
FPD and film manufacturing equipment 59%
Electronic component manufacturing equipment 21%
Industrial heat treatment equipment 19%
Equipment for development and prototyping experiments 5%
After-sales service requests Servicing, Parts sales 10%

Global sales began shortly after its founding. In recent years, global sales of manufacturing equipment have exceeded 40% in the entire company and the global business overseas sales figures for semiconductors and FPD and film manufacturing (FPD, etc.) have reached approximately 60%.

About the sales numbers by classification

Sales data for manufacturing equipment and service.

Equipment types Number of shipped systems
[From establishment to 2020]
Production equipment >19,200
Semiconductor equipment >2,600
FPD and film manufacturing equipment >1,300
Electronic component manufacturing equipment >8,900
Industrial heat treatment equipment >6,400
Equipment for development and prototyping experiments >10,600
After-sales service requests (Recent years) Servicing, Parts sales >6,000/year

The number of sales since the company's founding for both production equipment and equipment for experimental development combined is more than 29,000 operational units worldwide. There have been 6,000 after-sales service operations done per year and we are always working to make sure that the equipment is used in its optimal state.

About the models of semiconductor equipment for sale

Furnace types Sales amount ratio
[Average for the last 3 years (2018-2020)]
Vertical Furnace 76%
Horizontal Furnace 4%
Rapid thermal processing (RTP) 4%
Heated-air Circulating Type Clean Oven 15%
Other 1%

In recent years, vertical furnaces with the latest features are compatible with even the new process of semiconductors which makes them our primary model. The old type of horizontal furnace has started to lose demand across the market. Our fully-automated clean ovens with our proprietary technology have taken an overwhelming market share in the back end area.

Semiconductor equipment

Global Map

The latest heat treatment technology and global expansion to respond to diversifying needs.

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