Link Policy

Fundamental Policy Regarding Link

You are basically free to link to this site, and we would appreciate it if you let us know by e-mail in advance of link.
Please link to URL at the top page as follows:

Please note that if we conclude that the content of your linked message is completely distant from our intention of this site, or is malicious (such as violation of laws, defamation of people, etc.), we may decline such link.
Please contact us for general information about our link policy and any questions you may have.

Guidelines for Linking

We are ready to allow link from each of homepages to our WEB sites only. Accordingly, please note that we do not guarantee the content of the homepages or assume any responsibility for it.

Linking from the following sites is strictly prohibited.

  • A site which contains the intent to defame or discredit our company, other companies (people) or other organizations
  • A site which contains adult content
  • A site which is offensive to public order and morals
  • A site which contains illegal content or content likely to be illegal, or a site which is involved in illegal activities or activities likely to be illegal
  • A site which may convey misleading information to the third person as the homepage of our company is developed within the frame and as a result, people cannot identify our site.

For whatever reason is, if you do not follow the regulations above, you never be permitted to link. Also, when we request you to delete the link, be sure to follow it.

Other Precautions

Please note that contents and URLs of our sites may be modified, suspended or deleted without notice.

The content mentioned in this page may be modified without notice. In case of modifications, the latest one will become valid.

In the event that, except for link, you print our URL on publications such as magazines, books and advertisements or reprint it to storage media such as CD-ROM, please contact us at this address in advance.

It is not necessary to contact us as to posting of our URL to Internet media like mail magazines. However, please refrain from quoting contents or graplics from our sites.


Our homepage provides our customers with product/service information and technical information (hereinafter called “Materials”). Our company and its affiliates own copyrights to these Materials, unless otherwise specified.
These Materials are protected by laws like the Copyright Act, and our customers are only allowed to use these Materials based on conditions mentioned below.

  • Our customers are allowed to use, reproduce and download these Materials for non-profit purposes and internally.
  • When our customers reproduce and download these Materials, they are required to attach the said copyright notice and use conditions together with such Materials.
  • Our customers are not allowed to modify or distribute these Materials or to use them for cable communications.

Our company and its affiliates will not grant our customers a license to use copyrights, patent rights, trademarks and any other intellectual property rights regarding these Materials, nor will provide any guarantee as to the contents of these Materials. If there is any different stipulation in these Materials, our customers are required to comply with the said copyright notice and conditions.