Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

Corporations have a duty to work on protecting the global environment. JTEKT Thermo Systems is keenly aware of the importance of this duty. We promote global environmental protection voluntarily and actively throughout all our domestic and overseas business activities, products and services.

Basic Policies

  1. We will work on ongoing improvements to environmental management systems with the aim of improving the environmental performance of our business activities, heat process products, and services.
  2. We comply with all environmental laws, regulations and conventions related to our business activities, along with applicable industry codes of conduct. We work actively on preventing environmental pollution.
  3. We will help alleviate climate change by gaining a precise understanding of the technical requirements for environmental conservation, and by developing and providing products to meet these requirements.
  4. We help to raise environmental awareness of our employees by looking at the environmental aspects of our business activities, products and services, and working on the issues below as key topics for environmental management.
    1. Curbing CO2 emissions through product development and improvements
    2. Curbing CO2 emissions through customer service
    3. Curbing CO2 emissions through electric power leveling and better use of electric power and fuel
    4. High-pressure gas management
    5. Environmentally hazardous substance management
    6. Decreasing waste
  5. All employees are notified of the Environmental Policies by electronic documents or posted information.
  6. The Environmental Policies have been publicly released to enable access by a variety of recipients both inside and outside the Company.

ISO 14001:2004 (JIS Q 14001:2004) certification

JTEKT Thermo Systems was certified on June 22, 2001.

Certification scope

Business units Head Office/Factory
Personnel President; officers and directors working at business units above
Employees working at business units above (employees, contract employees, part-timers)
Partner company employees assigned to work at business units above (employees on assignment, contractors)
Business Overview Design, development and manufacture of heat treatment furnaces and environmental testing furnaces for metal materials, semiconductors, display devices and electronic parts

Certifier: Japan Audit and Certification Organization for Environment and Quality (JACO)