Equipment for development
and prototyping experiments

These compact electric furnaces are used in development and prototyping experiments to create dependable technologies that will be used in mass-production equipment. Semi custom orders are also available.

Heat treatment processes continue to improve along with the evolution of materials and technologies.
Our experience, know-how and improvement technologies, which are cultivated in the manufacture of mass production equipment, are continuously developing as our unique and precious backbone, and are applied to our new products.

Based on this backbone, in addition to the standard equipment, we also offer design and manufacture of semi custom order electric furnaces that can meet a wide range of needs in testing and development workplaces. With our proven and reliable technologies, we will provide various solutions in response to customer requests such as treatment in hydrogen atmospheres or wet atmospheres, adding vacuum control mechanisms, or other needs.

Multipurpose heat treatment furnace

These products are multipurpose heat treatment equipment for electronic components, batteries, and various devices. They are produced on a semi-custom order basis.
Our accumulated expertise in electric furnaces delivers effective treatments for debinding, degreasing, firing, sintering, annealing, and other processes.

  • Vacuum Purge Type Box Furnace ΜB series

    Vacuum Purge Type Box Furnace ΜB series

    Shortens atmosphere replacement time by using a vacuum purge.

  • Small Type Conveyor Furnace 810 series

    Small Type Conveyor Furnace 810 series

    Continuous furnaces for research and development provide drying and firing processes

  • Vacuum Purge Type Small Box Furnace μBF

    Vacuum Purge Type
    Small Box Furnace μBF

    These box furnaces are able to use vacuum purge to rapidly change the atmosphere inside the furnace. Also capable of treatment in reducing atmospheres.
    Used for degreasing and firing of various ceramics, firing of electronic components, and other purposes.

    Normal operating temperature range: 400 to 900°C

  • Vacuum Bake Furnace

    Vacuum Bake Furnace

    Capable of high-grade treatment under reduced pressure with uniform temperature profiles and precision control of three individual zone heaters.
    Suitable for purposes such as hard baking of polyimides, drying of plastic packages, and wafer drying and baking.

    Normal operating temperature range: 250 to 480°C

  • Vacuum Bake Furnace

    High-Tempe Atmosphere Box Furnace

    Capable of high-temperature treatment in all kinds of atmospheres including nitrogen (N2), hydrogen, and vacuum.
    Can be used for a wide range of applications including firing of non-oxide ceramics, metallizing of electronic components, and melting metals.

    Normal operating temperature range: 800°C and higher
    (The upper limit temperature varies depending on the atmosphere.)


  • Desk top Lamp System DTL-6

    Desk top Lamp System DTL-6

    The rapid heating device that enables low-temperature range processing

  • Vacuum Purge Type Tube Furnace

    Vacuum Purge Type Tube Furnace

    These tube furnaces are also capable of treatment in vacuum atmospheres. They also support various gas atmospheres.

  • Powder Treatment Tube Furnace

    Powder Treatment Tube Furnace

    The tube rotates in the axial direction to provide uniform powder heating.