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Industrial Heat Treatment

Pursuing a highly efficient heating system that transmits energy effectively to the product as heat

We provide heating systems for all kinds of industrial products and materials, including steel gears, bearings and bolts which are the main components of vehicles, construction machines and airplanes; non-ferrous metal products such as aluminum and copper; non-metal materials such as ceramics and carbon; powders to be used as rechargeable battery materials and magnetic materials.
In particular, with our superior, safe and highly accurate atmospheric heat treatment technology, JTEKT Thermo Systems contributes to reduction of environmental load, reduction of running cost, and improvement of heat treatment quality.

  • Smart FLEC Carburizing Furnace

    Smart FLEC® Carburizing Furnace

    As highly efficient, compact and flexible equipment, the newly designed carburizing furnace enables convenient, pit-free installation.

  • Non-frame KCF Carburizing Furnace / Non-frame KNF Gas Soft Nitriding Furnace

    Non-flame KCF Carburizing Furnace / Non-flame KNF Gas Soft Nitriding Furnace

    The conventional flame curtain has been replaced with a vacuum-purged oil bath that improves safety and work environment where heat treatment is used.

  • Continuous Carburizing Furnace (Tray Pusher Type, Roller Hearth Type)

    Continuous Carburizing Furnace (Tray Pusher Type, Roller Hearth Type)

    With the optimized furnace interior structure, superior temperature distribution can be obtained. In addition, the synergy of miniaturization and high-performance thermal insulating materials reduces heat dissipation and improves the operation environment and energy savings.

  • Koyo Vacuum Carburizing Furnace

    Koyo Vacuum Carburizing Furnace

    Low-pressure high temperature carburizing can greatly reduce CO2 emissions compared with conventional gas carburizing. In addition, as internal oxidation does not occur, a high cleanliness level on the surface of products is ensured.

  • Vacuum Furnace

    Vacuum Furnace

    Applications including hardening, brazing and annealing are available in a vacuum environment. The furnace can be flexibly configured in accordance with the work, e.g., pressurized gas cooling or oil cooling, or gas/oil convertible cooling.

  • Mesh Belt Type Sintering Furnace

    Mesh Belt Type Sintering Furnace

    Burn-off technologies accumulated for years and temperature control enable highly accurate degreasing and debinding. The furnace constructed without muffle requires low maintenance costs and stably run for a long time.

  • Endothermic Gas Generator

    Endothermic Gas Generator

    The use of Moldatherm saves energy and simplifies maintenance. And these generators are also made more compact.