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CLH Series High-Temperature Clean Ovens

High-temperature baking in a clean environment is enabled by the heat-resistant high-performance filter and unique cooling unit. A hot-air circulation system is used to highly accurately carry out wafer and glass substrate baking/aging, polyimide curing and annealing.


  • A heat-resistant high-performance filter and our unique cooling unit are installed to enable high-temperature baking.
  • The chamber interior can maintain class 100 cleanliness when the temperature is stable.
  • There are 2 hot-air blower types: front side blower with horizontal circulation (type V) and side blower (type III). Both achieve high thermal efficiency and good temperature uniformity.
  • This type of oven is optimal for semiconductor wafer and glass substrate baking, aging and other heat treatments requiring high accuracy.
  • Inert gases can be introduced into the chambers to use the ovens as inert gas ovens.


2 types of hot-air blowers are available, side blower type (type III) and front side blower type (type V). The clean ovens are equipped with heat-resistant high-performance filters and our unique cooling units that enable high-temperature processing at up to 530°C (or up to 500°C with type V). Thanks to the excellent temperature uniformity achieved by the hot-air circulation system and class 100 air cleanliness (when the temperature is stable), the clean ovens are optimal for semiconductor wafer and glass substrate baking, aging and other purposes requiring high-temperature and high-accuracy processing. N2 gas can also be introduced into the chamber to use the oven at 20 ppm or lower residual O2 concentrations.

High-temperature baking is enabled by a heat-resistant high-performance filter and our unique cooling unit.

Applications Baking and curing for semiconductor wafers and glass substrates
Options Oxygen concentration meter, signal tower, cold trap, emergency stop, water leak detector


Outer dimension CLH-21CD(H) W1285×D1605×H2020 mm
CLH-35CD(H) W1285×D1775×H2080 mm
Inside dimension CLH-21CD(H) W670×D500×H700 mm
CLH-35CD(H) W670×D670×H790 mm
Heating method Heated-air circulating
Heater Sheathed heater
Operation temperature 100 to 450°C (Std.-type)
100 to 530°C (H-type)
Wafer size φ100 to 300mm
Other(Rectangular substrate etc)
Batch size 25 to 200 wafers (1 to 8 cassettes)
Standard accessory Shelf plates (2 plates)
Loading capacity 15kg/plate
Option Oxygen analyzer