VF-5300 Stocker Type Vertical Furnace for Mass Production

This vertical furnace with a built-in stocker processes 8-inch wafers at ultra-high temperatures in large batches.
This furnace is a semiconductor heat treatment system that can perform oxidation, diffusion, LPCVD, activation annealing and various other heat treatments.


  • Large batch, max 150 wafers batch processing
  • Max 20 cassette stocks
  • Excellent temperature control from low to medium high temperature range using an LGO heater
  • High-speed wafer transfer by use of single/five wafers handling robot
  • Equipped with an operator-friendly high performance control system


This model is a continuous large-batch, mass-production type vertical diffusion furnace equipped with a stocker for a maximum of 150 wafers (8-inch) or 20 cassettes. Thanks to the LGO heater, this furnace exhibits superior temperature characteristics over a range from low temperatures to ultra-high temperatures. This furnace can be used for a wide range of processing from low-temperature annealing, nitride (Si3N4), polysilicon (poly Si) and other material LPCVD to oxidation and diffusion. A molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) heater can also be used to support SiC power device gate oxynitriding and other ultra-high temperature processing.


Outer dimension W900×D2300×H3300 mm
Heater LGO heater
Flat zone length 960 mm
Wafer size 6 to 8 inch
Batch size 150 wafers
I/O port 2
Number of cassette stock 20 (standard)
Finger 5 wafers + single wafer
HOST communication HSMS/GEM (Option)
Options Forced-cooling system
N2 load lock
Thin wafer handling
SMIF operation

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