RLA-3100-V Lamp Annealing System for Contact Annealing

Enables contact annealing and GaN substrate processing. Supports 6-inch wafers and enables activation and oxidation in vacuum (LP) environments/N2 load-lock atmospheres.



  • Maximum operating temperature: 1,200°C
  • Supports a wide range of wafer sizes up to 6 inches.
  • An automatic wafer replacement mechanism provides cassette-to-cassette transfer.
  • Vacuum support improves annealing characteristics.
  • N2 load-lock support enables rapid turnaround time.
  • Can process GaN substrates.


RLA-3100-V is a lamp annealing system that supports wafer sizes of up to 6 inches. A vacuum-resistant quartz tube enables processing in clean vacuum (LP) environments and N2 load-lock atmospheres. RLA-3100-V also enables GaN substrate processing.


Operating temperature range 600 to 1,200°C
Supported wafer sizes Up to 6 inches
Gases used N2, Ar, O2, H2
Applications Contact annealing, oxidation (enables depressurized processing and processing in N2 load-lock environments)

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