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HGC (Heavy Gauge Coil) Heaters

Highly cost-effective, long-life, heavy-gauge coil (HGC) unit heaters for semiconductor thermal processing

These HGC heaters usable at up to 1250°C of maximum working temperature are optimal as the unit heaters repeatedly perform comparatively high-temperature heat treatments for semiconductor diffusion furnaces. The heat sources using heavy-gauge coils are highly durable and realize long service lives.

HGC Heater

A combination of a heavy-gauge coil and patent spacer suppresses coil deformation. It is superior in high-temperature durability and achieves a long service life. The heaters are optimal for diffusion furnaces that repeatedly perform high-temperature heat treatments.


  • A large number of interlocking coil spacers are arranged to support coiled heating elements.
  • Elasticity of the insulator prevents heating elements from being transformed.
  • The surface of the insulator is coated with zirconia to avoid particle generation.
  • Excellent heat-up and cool-down characteristics
  • Excellent high temperature stability
Applications Diffusion Furnace,
Oxidation Furnace,
Horizontal Furnace,
Vertical Furnace Disposer


Heating element size 7.3~9.3mm
Heater I.D. size 150~400mm
Flat zone length 150~1200mm
Cooling method Natural cooling or water cooling
Temp. range MAX 1250°C (Vertical Furnace) (AZTEC)
MAX 1250°C (Horizontal Furnace) (AZTEC)
Max. temp. 1250°C (AZTEC)
1200°C (HELIX-II)
Heat up and cool down characteristic Heat up: >20°C/min at no load
Cool down: <5°C/min at no load
High temp. stability 1200°C±0.5°C at process
* Value varies by heater.