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Handling the Moldatherm® Heaters

Moldatherm® heaters are unit heaters for electrical/resistance heating that feature a modular design for easy assembly and maintenance. Their ceramic fiber construction makes them lightweight, easy to install and easy to handle.


Moldatherm® (LGO) heater -lead wire connection

The terminals are covered with a thin oxide film. Use sandpaper to grind the terminal surface, apply conductive paste, then use two wrenches to adequately tighten the nuts and bolts.

Temperature control

  • * The recommended temperature control method is PID/SSR control.

  • * Position the thermocouple on the core side, at least 30 mm from the furnace surface.

Cautions for use

Moldatherm® (LGO) heaters have porous surfaces that make them highly susceptible to oil, moisture and gas absorption and permeation, so need a protective atmosphere and protective measures tailored to the properties and states of the workpieces.

1. Use in a protective atmosphere

There are no problems with using air or nitrogen gas as the furnace atmosphere, but protective measures are needed when using other atmospheres.

Use a muffle for furnace gases that generate soot such as endothermic or exothermic furnace gases.

Using a muffle is also recommended for highly reductive or penetrative gases such as dissociated ammonia gas or hydrogen gas.

2. Protective measures for workpiece emissions

Oil adhering to or absorbed by Moldatherm® (LGO) heaters can carbonize and cause short circuits and insulation drops. Gases and other workpiece emissions can also adversely affect Moldatherm® (LGO) heater components such as heating elements and fibers. To prevent these problems, be sure to properly investigate workpiece states and properties before placing workpieces in the furnace. (Check issues such as the content of oil, moisture and other volatile components, and the potential for degassing caused by heating.) When designing furnaces, determine the properties of the workpieces to ensure that the furnace body structure will incorporate appropriate protective measures.

3. Moisture prevention

Since moisture absorbed by Moldatherm® (LGO) heaters can cause short circuits, allow the heater to dry for 1 to 2 hours at 600°C during test operation.