Patent Information

Our company is actively applying for patents and licensing the proprietary technology of the JTEKT Thermo Systems not just in Japan, but all over the world.

Countries with registered patents
USA Germany
France Sweden
United Kingdom China
South Korea Taiwan
Thailand Japan
Number of Patents
(as of 2020)

Applications filed: More than 1000
Registrations: More than 650
(Among them are more than 100 semiconductor-related patents registered and more than 300 electronic component or FPD-related patents registered)

Registered Patents

For Semiconductors

  • Precise heat treatment and cost-effective vertical furnaces
  • Gas feeding method for heat treatment
  • Process tube sealing method


  • Energy-saving glass substrate heat treatment equipment
  • Glass substrate supporting method

For Electronic Components

  • Belt conveyor-type heat treatment equipment
  • Gas feeding method for heat treatment

For Industrial Furnaces

  • Oil quenching method
  • Atmosphere controlling methods for continuous carburizing furnaces