Corporate Social Responsibility Information

CSR Activities

JTEKT Thermo Systems is dedicated to our mission to manufacture products that help enrich the lives of consumers and make the modern world a better place. To accomplish this mission, we ensure that all our business activities achieve a balance between profits and the concerns of the community and environment.
Seeking to practice good corporate citizenship, we are working to create sustainable growth for the community and planet as we work to build the trust of our stakeholders.

CSR Policies

Our CSR Policies encompass our Company Philosophy, Company Code of Conduct, Officer Ethical Regulations and Employee Conduct Guidelines.

Company Code of Conduct

  1. We engage in fair, transparent and free competition and trade appropriately in a law abiding spirit.
  2. Inspired by the market, we provide quality, technology and services of the highest order to achieve client satisfaction and trust.
  3. Corporations have a duty to work on solving global environmental issues. We are keenly aware of the importance of this duty, and work to fulfill it voluntarily and actively.
  4. We respect the character and individuality of our employees, creating pleasant workplaces that value employee potential and bring out the best in each.
  5. We disclose Company information fairly, ensuring adequate communication with shareholders and the community.
  6. We practice good corporate citizenship through active participation in CSR activities.
  7. We respect international regulations and the laws, cultures and customs of countries and regions around the world, helping them to flourish.

CSR Promotion Organization

CSR Promotion Committee          

CSR Working Group

a) CSR
b) Disaster readiness and responses
c) Security management
d) Giving back to the community