Corporate Social Responsibility Information

CSR Approach

We, JTEKT Thermo Systems will conduct business activities in harmony with the respective relationships among "Economy", "Society" and "Environment" in order to realize our corporate philosophy, "Contribute to society through heat treatment technology”. As a good corporate citizen, we will strive to solve social issues and contribute to the sustainable development of society and the earth together with our customers and suppliers who share this purpose.

*Introducing examples of how we have solved global environmental and social issues through the provision of our products and services.
Solution Cases

Code of conduct

As a member of the JTEKT Group and the JTEKT Thermo Systems Group, we will observe the following code of conduct in carrying out our tasks.

  1. Relationship with laws, regulations and rules
    • We will strive to understand the laws and regulations of each country and region correctly, as well as internal company rules. And we will take action in accordance with the spirit of observing their laws and regulations. We never engage in illegal activities for any reason, even if its motive is for the benefit of the company.
    • We never make false report about or cover up our own mistakes. If we learn of illegal acts, false reports or cover-ups by others, we will report them to our supervisors or specialized departments and take appropriate action.
  2. Relationship with customers, suppliers and business partners
    • We will respect and faithfully execute contracts with our customers, suppliers and business partners. And we will take appropriate measures to resolve any inconsistency between the contracts with them and laws, regulations and internal rules.
    • We will conduct our business activities under fair and unfettered competition. So we never conduct unfair acts such as bid-rigging or cartels and take any action by which we could be misconstrued as having conducted such acts.
    • We never offer bribes or other improper benefits for our business activities or in order to obtain business success. And we never accept offers of improper benefits from outside parties.
    • We never make unreasonable demands on our business partners by means of superiority in business position or economic power.
  3. Relationship with the company
    • We will always strive to enhance the corporate value of the JTEKT Group and the JTEKT Thermo Systems Group.
    • We will always give our utmost efforts and attention to improve performance, quality and safety of our products.
    • We conduct accounting and financial management in accordance with laws, regulations, internal and other rules to ensure proper accounting and tax payment.
    • We never spend company assets for personal gain. And we will store and manage company assets with sufficient care to prevent them from being lost, stolen or damaged.
    • We recognize that intellectual property rights are important corporate assets. So we will strive to acquire and manage them appropriately. And we will also take sufficient care not to infringe on the intellectual property rights of others.
    • We will properly manage confidential information and strive to prevent leakage, misuse or falsification.
    • We are committed to the appropriate acquisition, use and management of personal information.
  4. Relationships with colleagues who work together
    • We never unfairly discriminate on the basis of race, nationality, faith, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental disability.
    • We strive to ensure the safety and health of the people whom we work with and to maintain and improve the work environment.
    • We respect personality, individuality, position and opinions each other. And we strive to build good relationships and work to create a workplace where each person can work with vigor and enthusiasm.
  5. Relationship with general society
    • We respect human rights and never take inhumane means such as forced or child labor And we never exploit any products or services which are manufactured or served with such labors.
    • We will disclose appropriate information about our business activities and other management performance.
    • In order to maintain confidence in the securities trading market, we never engage in unauthorized trading of stocks or other securities with non-public information about ourselves or other companies which we have learned through our business activities.
    • We will strive to eliminate antisocial forces and get tough on any unreasonable demands.
    • We are deeply aware of the need to protect the global environment and will strive to preserve it.
    • We will conduct to proactive CSR activities.

Information Security Policy

JTEKT Group Policy of Information Security

The JTEKT Group will properly handle all information including information assets entrusted by customers, with response to evolving threats (risks) in accordance with the Corporate Activities Standards the Group has established to realize its mission.
The Group will also supply secure products by implementing information security managements in each process, such as product development, manufacturing or shipment. In order to earn the trust from all stakeholders and meet their expectations, The Group shall systematically tackle the improvement and the strengthening of the level of information security with the Global Conduct Guideline as specific guidance.

  1. Compliance with Laws and Ordinances
    We will comply with the laws, ordinances, guidelines, standards and other rules established by each country.
    We will be always aware of compliance to prevent the unauthorized access to information, false reporting and the concealment.
  2. Promotion System
    We will promote a system capable of drafting and operating plans to implement measures taken to recognize and prevent information security risks from realizing them, as part of global risk management.
  3. Information Security Management
    (1) We will recognize any risks regarding not only handling of information but also plants, equipment and products as information security risks and shall prevent information security risks from realizing them.
    (2) We will regularly inspect the management system by which information assets are handled, and continuously improve and review the system.
    (3) We will continuously provide all employees with education and enlightenment regarding information security on an ongoing basis.