Company History

Since its founding in 1958, JTEKT Thermo Systems has a history of providing manufacturing equipment that focuses on heat treatment technology all over the world. Starting with an industrial furnace, it has ventured out into the semiconductor industry where technological innovation is progressing at a rapid pace. In addition to our lineup of equipment for experimentation and electronics, we have also developed the Moldatherm Heater type. From there on we have expanded to enter the FPD industry by combining these technologies and have grown into a heat treatment equipment manufacturer engaged in a wide range of industries. We celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2017 and are continuing development.

50th Annibersary
~1980 1990 2000 2010~

Until the 1990’s

[Foundation - Business Expansion]
Starting from an industrial furnace, our company has expanded its business in the various fields of semiconductors, equipment for development and prototyping experiments and electronic industries, and has established its management pillars.

  1. 1958/ 7

    Lindberg business division of Koyo Seiko Co., Ltd. (JTEKT Corporation) established

  2. 1959/ 7

    Lindberg's first Japanese-manufactured batch carburization furnace completed

  3. 1961/ 5

    The first domestic furnace was exhibited at the 4th Tokyo International Trade Fair.

  4. 1967/ 7

    A new company, Koyo Lindberg Heavy Duty Co., Ltd was established on July 19.

  5. 1968/10

    The domestic Diffusion furnace unit No. 1 for the semiconductor industry was delivered.

  6. 1970/ 3

    The milestone of 1000 domestic Industrial furnace shipments was reached.

  7. 1970/ 4

    Exhibited at the Japan Electronics Show.

  8. 1970/ 8

    Lindberg Tempress Co., Ltd. founded in 1971 changed its name to Tempress Japan Co., Ltd. in 1979 and was absorbed by Koyo Lindberg in 1981.

  9. 1971/ 6

    The company changed its name to Koyo Lindberg Co., Ltd.

  10. 1971/10

    Plant relocated to Kabata-cho, Tenri, Nara (present location)

  11. 1973/

    Established an administrative division for after-sales service and before-store service.

  12. 1978/ 7

    The milestone of 2000 domestic Industrial furnace shipments was reached.

  13. 1978/10

    First exhibition at SEMICON Japan

  14. 1978/12

    Full-scale production and sales of a vacuum furnace.

  15. 1979/ 5

    Manufacture of Moldatherm heaters in Japan begins

  16. 1979

    First exhibition at the Scientific Instruments Exhibition

  17. 1980/ 1

    Completion of the conveyor furnace No. 1 for the domestic Moldatherm electronics industry.

  18. 1981/10

    Koyo Lindberg absorbed Tempress Japan

  19. 1984/ 1

    Plant to manufacture semiconductor production devices built

  20. 1984/ 9

    Electronics industry furnace plant constructed

  21. 1985/

    Inert gas oven development

  22. 1985/ 4

    Shipment of conveyor furnaces for elec-tronic industrial use reached 500 units

  23. 1985/ 5

    Completion of the Lamp Annealing equipment No. 1 that was developed using solely domestic technology and commercialized.

  24. 1985/ 8

    Clean room (Class 10) built in the semiconductor testing and development wing

  25. 1986/

    Large bore vertical furnace VFS-4000 for Flat Panel Display development.

  26. 1987/

    High-temperature clean oven CLH series development.

The 1990’s

[Accelerating Toward Globalization and Entering the FPD Industry]
We established local subsidiaries in the Asian region (in South Korea and Tai-wan). We also entered the FPD industry, further expanding our business.

  1. 1990/5

    Began delivery of CLO series LCD pro-cessing equipment

  2. 1993/9

    Construction of a head office building

  3. 1996/4

    KLSK (Koyo Lindberg Semiconductor Korea) established in South Korea. Predecessor of KTSK

  4. 1996/

    Developed the high-speed temperature rising and falling type vertical oxidizing diffusion equipment VF-5700

  5. 1997/12

    KLLA (Koyo Lindberg Asia) established in Taiwan, predecessor of KTSA

  6. 1998/ 7

    Acquired ISO 9001 certification

  7. 1998/ 8

    Began delivery of clean oven, single substrate transfer type CCBS series LCD processing equipment

  8. 1999/ 4

    Joint venture with General Signal Group dissolved

  9. 1999/10

    Company name changed to Koyo Thermo Systems Co., Ltd.

The 2000’s

[Improving our development capability even further]
Established a dedicated development department and embarked on a full-fledged speedup implementation and analytic technology.

  1. 2000/10

    Koyo Thermo Systems(Thailand) Co., Ltd. established in Thailand

  2. 2001/ 1

    Inauguration of the dedicated development department (now known as the Product Development Department).

  3. 2001/ 6

    Acquired ISO 14001 certification

  4. 2001/10

    Moldatherm heater plant constructed

  5. 2001/11

    Development of a fully automatic clean oven for 300mm

  6. 2001/

    Shipment of conveyor furnaces for elec-tronic industrial use reached 3000 units

  7. 2003/ 5

    JTEKT Thermo Systems Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. established in Shanghai, China

  8. 2006/ 1

    JTEKT group launched

  9. 2007/

    Established a dedicated team for analysis duties (CAE).

2010 onwards

[Technology Tree = Research and Development Center]
The "Technology Tree" that represents our company. Established the Research and Development Center with the purpose of improving technology integration.

  1. 2012/ 5

    Research and Development Center constructed

  2. 2012/11

    Development of a lamp annealing system for contact annealing intended for SiC power semiconductors.

  3. 2014/ 9

    Koyo Thermo Systems CS (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. opened in Thailand

  4. 2016/

    Shipment of batch ovens reached 4000 units

  5. 2017/ 7

    The 50th anniversary of the company.

  6. 2022/ 5

    Company name changed to JTEKT Thermo Systems Corporation