Research and Development Center Introduction

Comprehensive manufacturer of heat treatment equipment, which solves heat treatment problems from different fields beyond the boundaries of fields and areas

From equipment for research and development to production facilities, by assembling technicians in major business areas for vitalization of new products and technology development, and by installing our demonstration equipment for experiments and evaluations, JTEKT Thermo Systems is not only developing processes of its own but also providing the system that can be used for customers’ pre-tests and for performance evaluation.

Introduction of demonstration and test areas

A cross-sector collaboration business research and development structure is prepared at the research and development center with various experiments and demonstration facilities gathered into one place.

  • Semiconductor manufacturing system area Inside the experimental laboratory, air cleanliness of Class 10 or higher must be ensured.

  • Continuous furnace area for electronic component manufacturing

  • Compact electric furnace & oven area

  • Solar cell manufacturing system area

  • Continuous furnace area for heat treatment of large-size glass substrates

  • Metal heat treatment equipment (induction heating) area

Demonstration room for industrial furnace (separate building)

  • Atmosphere heat treatment area

  • Smart FLEC Carburizing Furnace

  • Vacuum heat treatment area

Foundation & Substrate Technologies

A heat technology that opens the deepening and expansion of the substrate technology — heat process research, measurement control techniques, material analysis, analysis simulation technique — to support new equipment development.