Electronic Component
Manufacturing Equipment

Continuous furnace and oven with superior heat uniformity treatment and atmosphere forming that contribute to manufacturing of electronic components

In the field of electronic R&D equipment, we have released numerous products for every kind of need from large production systems to electric compact furnaces and ovens, made with a vast repertoire of technologies and know-how that we’ve accumulated since our founding. We deliver excellent heat response, accurate temperature profiles , energy conservation and detailed customization, plus we condense maintenance, safety and other aspects of the daily production floor into our products. As devices continue towards higher density and higher sophistication, the heat technology that will contribute to that future is right here.

All Fit Series

Manufacturing equipments with superheated steam atmospheres to meet a wide vraiety of needs. Superheated steam is colorless, transparent high-temperature steam gas (H2O) that was created by obtaining saturated steam that was evaporated at 100°C and heating it to higher temperatures. Because it has a specific heat that is higher than hot air and produces radiative effects, it is capable of rapid, uniform heating. Treatment is also possible in a low-oxygen atmosphere (residual oxygen concentration 20 ppm or less).

Applications : Saturate steam can be used for debinding and firing of MLCC and LTCC, and electrostatic chucks and other electronic and ceramic components, as well as drying and degreasing of metal components.

Continuous Furnace

Continuous transport type heat treatment furnace In addition to air, heat treatment is also possible in a hydrogen (H2), nitrogen (N2), or other atmosphere. In addition to the mesh belt type continuous furnace, the lineup also includes a type that utilizes a ceramic conveyor with superior heat and wear resistance.

Applications : These products are used for applications including firing of MLCC, LTCC, and inductors, firing of thick substrates, electrode drying, brazing, glass sealing, and ferrite sintering.

Oven series

The hot air circulation system produces ovens with superior soaking performance. Capable of N2 atmosphere treatments with residual O2 concentrations of 20 ppm or less. The lineup includes inert gas ovens and clean ovens with a class 100 cleanliness.

Applications : Ideal for applications including debinding of MLCC, LTCC, and inductors, drying, curing, annealing, hardening, and tempering.

Continuous Oven

These continuous ovens utilize clean oven technologies for FPD production and experiments. They are used for electronic components, disks, glass epoxy substrates (epoxy/glass laminated substrates), and for film drying, curing, and annealing.

Applications : The can also be used for debinding of MLCC.