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LGO (Light Gauge Over-bend) Heater

LGO heaters achieve high accuracy in low-temperature heat treatments.
The light-gauge wire unit heaters are used for semiconductor diffusion furnaces.

The Moldatherm® LGO heaters are lightweight, high-speed temperature rising and falling type unit heaters using ceramic fiber thermal insulating materials and have been developed to carry out highly accurate low-temperature heat treatments particularly in semiconductor diffusion furnaces. Since the heater wires are thinner than those of the Moldatherm® heaters, further less heat is stored and therefore higher-speed temperature rising and falling are enabled. Target temperatures become stable in the shorter time, soaking performance is high, and heat treatment accuracies in low-temperature zones are outstanding.

LGO Heater

The heaters use light-gauge wires for heating elements and integrate ceramic fiber thermal insulating materials and heating elements into a solid structure by vacuum forming. Since only a little heat is stored, they heat and cool at high speeds and are superior in temperature following. They are superior in soaking also and can perform highly accurate temperature treatments at low to middle and high temperatures.


  • Made by integrating ceramic fiber and a wavy heating element into a solid structure using our unique vacuum forming method
  • Fast heat up and cool down temperature characteristic
  • Excellent low temperature stability
  • Wide range of temperature
  • Resistance heating are light weight
Applications Vertical Furnace for Diffusion, Vertical Furnace for Oxidation

SLGO Heater

The heaters save more energy than LGO heaters.


  • LGO heater and compatible
Applications Horizontal Furnace for Oxidation, Horizontal Furnace for Diffusion,
Vertical Furnace for Diffusion, Vertical Furnace for Oxidation,
Horizontal Furnace for PV Production


Heating element size 2.0~3.2mm
Heater I.D. size 150~550mm
Flat zone length 150~1200mm
Cooling method Natural cooling
Temp. range MAX 1150°C (Vertical Furnace)
MAX 1100°C (Horizontal Furnace)
Heat up and cool down characteristic Heat up: > 30°C/min at no load
Cool down: < 10°C/min at no load
Low temp. stability 200°C±1°C at process

* Value varies by heater.