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AllFit® µBF Vacuum Purge Type Small Box Furnace with Superheated Steam

This multi-purpose heat treatment equipment provides treatment in low-oxygen atmospheres with superheated steam.
It can be used for debinding treatment of MLCC and LTCC, electrostatic chucks, and other electronic and ceramic components, as well as drying and degreasing of metal components.


  • Higher specific heat than heated air and better radiation effects for uniform heating in less time
  • Treatment is completed in a shorter time, reducing the thermal load on the workpieces.
  • Low-oxygen processing capabilities
  • Improved productivity and reduced running costs through accelerated hydrolytic reactions of processed products
  • Safer and lower cost than N2 gas


Model AF-µBF
Max. temperature (*1) 1000℃
Normal temperature (*1) 400 to 900°C
Effective internal muffle dimensions 200 (W) × 200 (H) × 400 (D)
Treatment atmosphere Superheated steam, N2, Air, H2
Residual oxygen concentration 20 ppm or less (when superheated steam is introduced; reference value)
Note: May vary depending on the amount of dissolved oxygen in the supplied water.
  • De-binding of electronic components (e.g.: MCLL, LTCC)
  • BBO (Binder burn out)
  • Degreasing of ceramic parts
  • Drying and degreasing of metal parts
  • Removal of resin
  • Heat treatment of products for which heating efficiency
    cannot be improved through conventional methods

*1 Values are for temperatures measured inside the heating chamber and outside the muffle.