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AllFit® Inert Gas Oven INH Series with Superheated Steam

These inert gas ovens provide treatment in a low-oxygen atmosphere with superheated steam and a reduced footprint.

Ideal for debinding treatment of MLCC and LTCC, electrostatic chucks, and other electronic and ceramic components.


  • Higher specific heat than heated air and better radiation effects for uniform heating in less time
  • Treatment is completed in a shorter time, reducing the thermal load on the workpieces.
  • Low-oxygen processing capabilities
  • Improved productivity and reduced running costs through accelerated hydrolytic reactions of processed products
  • Safer and lower cost than N2 gas
  • Safety features (relief door and reinforced door) included.


Model AF-INH21 AF-INH100
Max. temperature 600℃
Normal temperature RT + 60 to 600°C
External dimensions (mm) 1485 (W) × 1700 (H) × 2090 (D) 1850 (W) × 2425 (H) × 2593 (D)
Test area dimensions (mm) 600 (W) × 600 (H) × 600 (D) 1000 (W) × 1000 (H) × 1000 (D)
Treatment atmosphere Superheated steam, N2, Air
Residual oxygen concentration 20 ppm or less (when superheated steam is introduced; reference value)

Note: May vary depending on the amount of dissolved oxygen in the supplied water.
  • De-binding of electronic components (e.g.: MCLL, LTCC)
  • BBO (Binder burn out)
  • Degreasing of ceramic parts
  • Drying and degreasing of metal parts
  • Removal of resin
  • Heat treatment of products for which heating efficiency cannot be improved through conventional methods