Research & Development

Everywhere in our societies, thermal-technology contributes to social advance.

Creating a Future via Heat Technology

The history of JTEKT Thermo Systems started with the heat treatment furnace for bearing materials. Accompanied by technological innovation and change of industrial structure, the needs for heat treatment are getting more sophisticated and complicated day by day. Such needs include objects that require heat treatment, sufficient temperature range, accuracy, and treatment environment.

JTEKT Thermo Systems has always looked ahead at trends and users’ needs in industrial technologies, to create new heat technologies that are ahead of time by setting two main goals. One is the development of equipment for new fields; another is the deepening and expansion of basic and fundamental technologies such as research of the heat process, material analysis, Computer Aided Engineering and measurement control technology that support development of new products. In addition, there is the responsibility of achieving a low-carbon society, which is getting heavier every day.

How can we make more effective use of our resources? Through higher efficiency in heating and heat insulating technologies, elimination of useless materials and avoidable energy consumption, adoption of new heating methods, innovation of materials and processes, and so on. The heat treatment field has set its direction for innovation. In June 2012, JTEKT Thermo Systems has arranged the research and development system, which is cross-sectional over business fields, by assembling the technicians, experimental facilities and demonstration facilities at the new research and development center. By actively promoting collaboration with universities and public research organizations and participation in various projects, we have further enforced research and development of next-generation technologies and fundamental fields. JTEKT Thermo Systems supports industrial technologies as an expert in heat technology by dealing with issues ranging from immediate problems to future dreams.