Heating Technology

World Class Technology

In “Moldatherm,” a high efficient heating unit and a high performance heat insulator are integrated by vacuum molding technology. With the synergetic effect of fast response heating element and high thermal insulation, “Moldatherm” is an ideal heating unit that has achieved quick and accurate temperature control performance, high efficiency, ultra-light weight, energy saving, and reduction of man-hours for installation and maintenance by its ease of handling. Moreover, its low thermal loss allows the furnace shell temperature to be kept low even during continuous high-temperature operations. “Moldatherm” is world class technology, presented by JTEKT Thermo Systems as a specialty manufacturer of heating systems. In the field of semiconductor heaters requiring accuracy, the diffusion furnace heater manufactured with our Moldatherm technology as a base provides superior advantages. Specifically, energy-saving high-speed temperature increase/decrease has been achieved through high heat-insulating performance and low heat capacity. In addition, we have also applied Moldatherm to the heater for the large-bore vertical-type furnace that is used for FPD manufacturing. Make use of the characteristics of the surface heat generation, we achieved high performance in a compact size.

Moldatherm heater

  • Plain type

  • Half-cylinder type

Heater for semiconductor

  • LGO heater for horizontal furnace

  • LGO heater for vertical furnace

  • HGC heater for horizontal furnace

  • 1400℃ super high temperature heater unit

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