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Vacuum Purge Type Box Furnace ΜB series

With rapid pump-down performance, gas change to a nitrogen (N2) atmosphere can be completed in a short time.
These are multipurpose heat treatment furnaces that are suitable for production of LTCC substrates and MLCC.


  • With large internal capacity and high efficiency, this series can also be used for production.
  • Capable of treatment in various atmospheres.
  • Can be used as a reducing atmosphere furnace or vacuum furnace (max. 600°C).
  • A Moldatherm® heater is used for superior energy savings and good maintainability.
  • Can also be used for small-lot production.


Model MB Series
Max. operating temperature 1000℃
Normal operating temperature range 400 to 900°C
Internal capacity Max. 400 L
Withstand load Max. 200 kg
Applications MLCC secondary debinding, LTCC firing, various degreasing and firing