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Features of our Semiconductor Equipment

Ripe Technologies for Diverse Applications

Semiconductor applications are increasing continuously without boundary. Semiconductors are used for manufacturing high-density devices with large wafers as typified by CPU and memory chips, Si/SiC power semiconductors including IGBT and MOSFET, MEMS devices used for printer heads and sensors, and solar cells which attract attention as clean energy sources. In this situation, JTEKT Thermo Systems, which is a pure-play company focusing on heat treatment systems, provides a diversity of systems for all kinds of semiconductor manufacturing, setting its core in the LGO heater with superior temperature characteristics and achieving low COO (Cost of Ownership) for responding to customer demands.

1. Maintenance

The basic design of our equipment features a side-maintenance-free structure, making it possible to install our equipment in a parallel configuration at close intervals.

2. Thin Wafer Support

We have adopted the Bernoulli carrier in our thin wafer carrier to accommodate the IGBT annealing process and the like. Also, the adoption of a quartz boat and a special conveying cassette reduces the risk of warping thin wafers.

3. Low-temperature Characteristics

Our proprietary LGO heater excels at low-temperature control, a capability that can be difficult with some furnace types. Stable processing is now possible even at temperatures as low as 150°C to 300°C.

4. Metal-free Support

Processing in a metal-free environment is possible because no vacuum device is used—even for processes employing hazardous gases such as H2, NO, and NH3, which can be sources of metal contamination.

5. Fast Ramp up and Cool down System

Our proprietary LGO heater also specializes in rapid heating. In addition, it reduces the time required to ramp up and cool down. High throughput is possible when it is used in combination with a forced cooling system.

6. N2 Load Lock System

Conveyance inside an N2 atmosphere is possible for the vertical furnace wafer boat and the unload area.