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RLA-4106-V Lamp Annealing System for Contact Annealing

Vacuum load-lock capability improves throughput.
Supports various wafers including Si, GaN, and SiC.


  • Vacuum load-lock is equipped as standard on the chamber and transport unit, for high throughput.
  • Includes an automated susceptor transfer function for SiC and GaN wafers.
  • Halogen lamps are installed in both an upper and lower cross.
  • 6 zone control allows easy control of the power ratio for each zone.
  • Non-contact measurement of workpiece temperature is performed using radiative thermometers, and feedback control is possible.


This is production equipment that uses multiple halogen lamps arranged in an upper and lower cross as the heat source, and is intended for rapid, high-precision annealing of wafers. The use of a newly developed vacuum transport platform enables workpiece transport and treatment in an ultra-low oxygen atmosphere.


Operating temperature range 400 to 1200°C
Temperature rise rate Max. 200°C/sec
Lamp array Top/bottom surface cross-array
Number of control zones 6
Wafer size (mm) Φ150 * Φ200 mm size can also be processed.
Wafer transport Vacuum-capable clean robot
Treatment Annealing, oxidation
Workpieces Si, SiC wafers, GaN, others