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Mesh Belt Type Continuous Furnace Multi-Inlet/Exhaust Type

Based on the latest gas control technologies, these models allow atmosphere separation that can finely control the gas composition in the target zone. (Examples: high oxygen concentration in the low-temperature zone, medium oxygen concentration in the mid-temperature zone, low oxygen concentration in the firing zone).

Ideal for heat treatment of LTCC substrates and MLCC, inductor production, and powder metallurgy sintering. Also delivers good results as a copper (Cu) paste firing furnace.


  • Advanced atmosphere separation for treatment in multiple atmospheres
  • Good temperature uniformity inside the furnace


Max. operating temperature 1150°C
Transport system Mesh belt transport
Heating chamber Heat-resistant steel muffle
Supported belt widths (mm) 150 to 800
Supported atmospheres N2, N2 (wet), N2+air, air
  • Firing of LTCC (low temperature co-fired ceramic) substrates (base metal conductors)
  • MLCC debinding, MLCC reoxidation, MLCC external electrode baking
  • Powder metallurgy sintering, firing of thick substrates (such as base metal conductors), electrode drying
  • Inductor firing, electrode sintering