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Exhaust Gas Treatment Equipment GM Series

This series is designed to combust and decompose the gas containing organic compounds that is generated during heat treatments such as temporary sintering of ceramics and degreasing of electronic components. This gas, which is discharged from the heat treatment equipment as exhaust gas, has an irritating odor and is combustible.
The GM Series adds fresh air to and purifies this exhaust gas at a maximum temperature of 850°C.

Exhaust gas deodorization improves the work environment. We recommend that this equipment be used as a set with an inert gas oven, a degreasing furnace, or a mesh belt type continuous furnace.


  • Eliminates unpleasant odors in the exhaust gas and improves the work environment.
  • Because the liquified exhaust gas is collected in a special trap, maintenance is simple.
  • This equipment can be connected to and used with existing equipment.
  • Adding the optional heat exchanger reduces electrical power consumption by up to 25.6%.


Model GM-30N1 GM-40N1 GM-50N1
System Resistance heating system
Max. operating temperature (*1) 850°C
Operating temperature range (*1) RT + 70 to 850°C
Treatment capacity (*2) 400 L/min 600 L/min 800 L/min
Temperature control Temperature controller
Reading accuracy ±(0.5% of reading value + 1 digit)
Control operation PID control with auto tuning
Heater output 12.2 kW (at 200 V) 18.3 kW (at 200 V) 24.2 kW (at 200 V)
External dimensions (mm) 800 (W) × 1710 (H) × 800 (D) 800 (W) × 2000 (H) × 800 (D) 800 (W) × 2315 (H) × 800 (D)
Combustion chamber dimensions (mm) Φ318 (ID) × 485 (L) Φ318 (ID) × 800 (L) Φ318 (ID) × 1200 (L)
Equipment weight 290 kg 350 kg 420 kg
Combustion air Max. 200 L/min Max. 300 L/min
Breaker capacity AC 200 V, 60 A AC 200 V, 100 A
3-phase, 50/60 Hz 3-phase, 50/60 Hz
Thermocouple K
Exhaust port size Φ76.3, steel pipe
Safety equipment Leakage breaker, overheat prevention gauge, control circuit protector
(*1) Indicates the value at control points inside the heating chamber.
(*2) This is the limit amount of injected gas (exhaust gas converted to room temperature + combustion air) that can be heated to 800°C from room temperature by the combustion equipment. It is not a guarantee of combustion.
* The thermocouple is a consumable part.