Clean Oven, Single Substrate Transfer Type CCBS series

Best-seller clean ovens for liquid crystal (LCD) and organic EL (OLED)!
Supporting glass sizes up to 10th generation, these ovens provide high productivity and a high clean factor, and enables zero substrate damage. They can also counter the sublimates generated by post-baking.


  • High productivity
  • High clean factor and zero substrate damage
  • High operating rate
  • Energy savings
  • Support for a variety of layouts
  • Support for all kinds of substrate operations
  • Can also counter sublimates.


High productivity

The rack pitch inside the oven has been reduced, and the rack structure is specially designed for each processing application (patent acquired).

It provides high storage efficiency together with excellent space efficiency and energy efficiency. It is also capable of flexible operation such as limiting the number of ovens used according to the production quantity.

High clean factor and zero substrate damage

Our original shutter structure (patent acquired) eliminates the need to move substrates inside the oven. As a result, there is no substrate damage or particles resulting from movement.

High operating rate

Because the equipment structure is simple, there is little concern about equipment stops caused by mechanical trouble, and the equipment can be used with confidence.

Energy savings

The oven interior vacuum control and high thermal insulating structure reduce the amount of dissipated heat.
Newly developed waste heat recovery equipment (patent pending) can improve effective energy use.

Support for a variety of layouts

The layout of the single substrate transfer oven, cooling rack, and other functional units can be selected as needed, allowing effective use of limited cleanroom space.

Support for all kinds of substrate operations

All kinds of substrate operations including sampling some substrates after baking and skipping the baking process. We can provide support for construction of automated lines.

Can also counter sublimates.

As a result of measures to counter sublimates over many years, our proprietary expertise allows this equipment to be used without problem in processes that generate sublimates such as post-baking of photoresists.


Substrate size (mm) 300 (W) × 400 (L) to 3000 (W) × 3200 (L)
Operating temperature range 80 to 250°C
Temperature accuracy ±3°C
Clean factor Class 10 (0.3μm)
Applications Post-baking of color filter resists, annealing, seal main curing and pre-curing, baking of alignment layers