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Mesh Belt Type Continuous Furnace Standard Muffle Type

The use of a metal muffle provides these models with excellent soaking performance.

In addition, the good airtightness of the muffle allows the formation of an atmosphere inside the furnace that has excellent stability and reproducibility. 
The use of our proprietary Moldatherm® heater with excellent heat insulation performance and heating/cooling characteristics results in a system that delivers high-precision temperature control and superior energy savings. 

Ideal for firing of thick substrates such as conductors, resistors, and glass, as well as brazing, soldering, electrode drying, and debinding treatment.


  • Good temperature uniformity inside the furnace
  • Supports inert gas atmosphere treatment.


Max. operating temperature 1150°C
Transport system Mesh belt transport
Heating chamber Heat-resistant steel muffle
Supported belt widths (mm) 150 to 800
Supported atmospheres N2, N2 (wet), N2+air, air
Applications Brazing, soldering, reflow, firing of thick substrates (precious metal conductors, resistors, and inductors), electrode drying, debinding treatment, glass sealing, and metal annealing