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SO2-12-F Heated-air Circulating Type Clean Oven for 300-mm Wafers

This clean oven processes 300-mm (12-inch) wafers for semiconductor production.
With FOUPs, 50 wafers can be fully automatically processed for each chamber. The system can be used for low-temperature processing of polyimide and other materials.


  • Fully automatic clean oven for FOUP operation
  • Max 50 wafers per chamber
  • One robot is available for 2 chambers
  • 2 FOUPs per chamber
  • High speed wafer transfer by double wafer handling robot


This clean oven for semiconductor production was developed by introducing the best-selling FPD manufacturing equipment, single wafer processing clean oven. This oven can run fully automatically using 300-mm (12-inch) FOUPs. 50 wafers can be processed for each chamber and up to 2 chambers can be installed (2 FOUPs are used for each chamber). High throughput in a short cycle time is realized in low-temperature processing of polyimide and other materials.


Outer dimension W3000×D3105×H2200 mm
(2 chamber type)
Heating method Heated-air circulating
Heater Sheathed heater
Operation temperature 70 to 450°C
Flat zone length 500mm
Wafer size 300mm
Batch size 50 wafers
I/O port 2 or 4
Finger 2 wafers
HOST communication HSMS/GEM300 (Option)
Option Notch aligner
Convertible 8 inch

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