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Small Type Conveyor Furnace 810A

These compact conveyor furnaces for experiments (R&D) are fully equipped to support all kinds of atmospheres in whitch electronic components are manufactured including air, N2, and hydrogen (reducing) atmospheres.

The purge chambers installed at the entrance and exit allow excellent stability and reproducibility of the atmosphere inside the furnace.


  • Compact with small footprint
  • Ideal for small-lot production of multiple product types.
  • The adoption of a muffle allows continuous treatment in various atmospheres.
  • Maintainability is improved by one-touch open/close covers.
  • Includes a touch panel.
  • Includes a weekly timer as standard.
  • Compact furnace size


Model 810A 810A-II
Max. operating temperature 1000°C
Normal operating temperature range 250 to 900°C
Temperature control Temperature controller (PID control)
Thermocouple K, PL-II
Number of zones 4, 5, or 7 (For the number of zones, please contact us.)
Heating length 969 mm (4 zones), 1216 mm (5 zones), 1704 mm (7 zones)
Heater Moldatherm® heater
Heater output 2.3 kW (at 200 V) per zone 3.0 kW (at 200 V) per zone
Cooling length 450 mm (4 or 7 zones), 950 mm (5 zones)
Belt widths (mm) 100,120 150,200
Load weight 1 kg/m 2 kg/m
Conveyor speed adjustment range Standard 15 to 150 mm (Equipment with speeds outside the standard range can also be produced.)
External dimensions (mm) (*1) [4 zones]
3000 (L) × 530 (W) × 1360 (H)
[4 zones]
3000 (L) × 610 (W) × 1360 (H)
[5, 7 zones]
3700 (L) × 530 (W) × 1360 (H)
[5, 7 zones]
3700 (L) × 610 (W) × 1360 (H)
Overheat prevention gauge Equipped as standard.
Motor overload protector Equipped as standard.
Low coolant flow detector Equipped as standard.
Low gas pressure detector Equipped as standard.
Applications Firing of thick substrates, electrode drying, brazing, soldering, reflow

(*1) H2 atmosphere type is 1700 (H).