CAE; Computer Aided Engineering

For example ...
Prior to manufacturing actual products, computer simulations are done to verify whether the designed equipment specifications clear customer requirements or not.

Benefits of CAE

  • Shorter development/design periods
  • Lower costs for prototyping/testing
  • Better design quality
  • Visualization of physical phenomena

We use CAE in more than 100 projects a year. It is helping us to build the best quality into products and please customers.

Analytical fields we handle

JTEKT Thermo Systems Corporation is versed in thermal fluid analysis, structural analysis, heat treatment analysis and induction heating analysis, but also conducts cooperative/coupled analyses that combine these fields. The ultimate objective is to simulate the entire heat treatment process from equipment configuration to estimating the heat treatment quality of products processed by that equipment.

Moreover, tests are conducted by the same personnel placed in charge of analyses in order that we can corroborate analytical results.
Ex.: Measuring flowrates, temperatures, waveforms, distortion, etc.

Examples by product category

  Thermal Fluid Structure Heat Treatment Induction Heating
Industrial Heat Treatment Rotary Drum Type Continuous Carburizing Furnace Mesh Belt Type Sintering Furnace Smart FLEC Carburizing Furnace Induction hardening, Tempering furnace
Flow inside of a furnace Muffle thermal stress Treated product, Case hardness Treated product temperature
Horizontal Furnace Horizontal Furnace
  • * Results from structural analyses are exaggerated so that deformations are easy to spot. The simulated deformations can differ from actual deformations, therefore caution is advised.
  • * This is but a sample of what we have done.
    We have many more results from product development, etc.
Treated product temperature Deformation in supporting board
FPD and Film Manufacturing Clean Oven, Single Substrate Transfer Type Clean Oven, Single Substrate Transfer Type
Flow inside of a chamber Thermal deformation in a furnace bed
Electronic Component Manufacturing Mesh Belt Type Sintering Furnace Ceramic Conveyor Type Continuous Furnace
Gas concentration inside a furnace Stress in a ceramic chain
Equipment for development
and prototyping experiments
Vacuum Purge Type Box Furnace High-Temperature Clean Oven
Muffle temperature Thermal stress in chamber sheet metal