Solution Cases [case-009] Energy Saving of Vertical Furnace for Low Temperature Range

  • Polymide curing
  • VF-3000(B)

Improvement of vertical furnace to energy saving by optimizing thermal insulation design

Support Process Polymide curing
Model Introduced VF-3000 Low-Cost Mini Batch Vertical Furnace



The vertical type furnace equipped with our LGO heater (Moldatherm) can perform a wide range of high quality heat treatment from low temperature (200 deg – C) to high temperature (1150 deg – C). As energy saving efforts, we have focused on processing furnaces in the high-temperature to mid-temperature range (600 to 1100 deg-C) so far, but when using high temperature to medium temperature processing furnaces as production lines dedicated to low temperature range , There was a problem that the amount of electric power for heating the heat insulating material became more than necessary.


  • Developed LGO heater dedicated for low temperature range.
  • Optimized the heat capacity and heat dissipation balance of the insulation in the operating temperature range.
  • Produced a heater prototype and verified its performance.


  • Reduced power consumption : 1.1kWh/run *
  • Reduce CO2 emissions : 742kg/year *
    (Remarks* :Condition of calculation example)
    Application :Polymide curing
    Processing wafer :6inch × 75wafers
    Annual number of times of processing :6run/day × 300days/year