Solution Cases [case-025] Improving Productivity of 8-inch Wafer

  • Nitride, Oxynitride
  • Activation
  • VF-5300HLP
  • VF-5300H

Productivity of activation annealing furnace and oxynitriding furnace for SiC power semiconductor has been improved to process 8-inch wafer at 100 wafers per batch.

Support Process Activation annealing, Oxynitridation
Model Introduced Model VF-5300HLP, VF-5300H


With the global shift to EVs, production of SiC power semiconductors is in full swing. The wafer diameter has also shifted from 6-inch to 8-inch, and it has become issue to improve productivity of 8-inch wafer.
However, because the activation furnace and oxynitridation furnace treat wafers at extremely high temperatures of 1900°C and 1400°C, respectively, the maximum number of 8-inch wafers processed per batch was limited to 50 (activation furnace) and 75 (oxynitridation furnace) wafers.


To improve productivity, we reviewed process chambers, heaters, equipment structures.


The redesigned system can process 8-inch wafer up to 100 wafers per batch, improving productivity by 1.3 to 2 times (compared to our conventional system).