Solution Cases [case-024] Wafer Handling Robot Comptible with Difference in Wafer Pitches Between Devices

  • Impurity diffusion
  • Thermal oxideation
  • Annealing
  • VF-5100
  • VF-5300(B)

Treatment with 6 inch SMIF pod without compromising productivity is available by using wafer handling robot that can transfer wafer between devices with different pitches.

Support Process Thermal oxidation, Diffusion, Annealing
Model Introduced Model VF-5300, VF-5100, and various other vertical furnaces


Normally, wafer pitch of the standard 6 inch open cassette is 4.76mm. However, scince the pitch of 6 inch SMIF pod is 6.35mm, the pitch of quartz boat in the furnace should be also 6.35mm, if we use SMIF pod for 6 inch. As a result, productivity at a batch is reduced.


Adopt wafer handling robot comptible with difference in wafer pitches to enable transferring 6 inch wafer between SMIF pod with 6.35mm pitch and quartz boat with 4.76mm pitch.


Treatment with 6 inch SMIF pod is available without compromising productivity.

And, this wafer handling robot can be used for the treatment of SiC, which is expected to increase in production in the future.