Solution Cases [case-012] High Performance Polyimide Curing System for FPD

  • Curing (for FPD)
  • VFS-4000

Reduction of organic by-product sediments in polyimide curing of large flat panel substrates

Support Process Polyimide curing
Model Introduced VFS-4000


  • In organic treatment processes such as polyimide curing, sediments of organic by-products remain within the equipment, resulting in particle-related problems.
  • When using an oven-type heat treatment equipments, removal of sediments in the chamber is manual chamber cleaning. It is inefficient as sediments removal method. And it is difficult to maintain high cleanliness for a long time.


As a polyimide cure system for FPD, we developed a large-diameter vertical furnace designed to optimize the route and structure of gas introduction and exhaust. And, it became possible to burn out the by-products at high temperature.


  • This innovation reduced sediments of by-products, resulting in elimination of particles and improved yield.
  • The high temperature burnout process enables removal of organic by-product sediments without disassembling the process tube and improves maintainability.