Solution Cases [case-011] CNT(Carbon nanotube) Growth System

  • Nitride, Oxynitride
  • VF-1000(H)

CNT(Carbon nanotube) growth system for large diameter wafers

Support Process CNT(Carbon nanotube) growth
Model Introduced VF-1000LP


Customers are testing in small diameter tube furnaces, but with the aim of increasing wafer size, they are looking for a manufacturer capable of producing equipment capable of processing from demonstrations.


  • Customers performed demonstrations using our equipment, and even when the wafer diameter was increased, carbon nanotube growth could be expected.
  • We proposed VF-1000LP with gas introduction specifications such as ethylene and acetylene required for carbon nanotube growth, the customer purchased the product on our recommendation.


Wafer diameter can be increased in carbon nanotube growth process.