Solution Cases [case-002] Establishment of the VCSEL Process

  • Thermal oxideation
  • VF-3000(B)

Significant yield improvement was achieved with a special VCSEL-process dedicated furnace.

Support Process Thermal oxideation
Model Introduced VF-3000(B)


We addressed the challenge of the reproducibility of the low-temperature wet oxidation process of the AIAs layer of VCSEL (surface-emitting laser).


  • High-dimensional temperature reproducibility proved possible during the process, so our proprietary LGO heater was adopted.
  • We utilized a vaporizer and proprietary furnace structure in order to improve the controllability of the wet atmosphere.
  • The process was verified during the demonstration.
  • We suggested the customer consider a low-cost VF-3000 with automatic transfer, and the customer purchased it on our recommendation.


  • Aperture variation was reduced by half, resulting in greatly improved yield. The potential for mass production was discovered.